Cupboards and cabinets

ALWRO produces a wide variety of cupboards, cabinets and boxes for workshops, shops, and warehouses. The cupboards and cabinets and boxes can be either . The boxes can be used to store keys, tools, or medicines, as well as function as display cases is shops. We can make cupboards based on your design and based on technical drawings that you provide us with. We can also advise you on what design to choose, using our extensive experience. The cupboards, cabinets and boxes are made of black steel or galvanised steel with a thickness between 0.8 and 1,2mm.

Tool cupboards that you can modify yourself

  • as equipment for your workshop or factory hall etc.
  • a welded construction made of galvanised steel sheets
  • protected against corrosion and powder painted
  • the main frame
    • with a length of 800 mm
    • a depth of 400 mm
    • and a height of 1800 mm
  • well-equipped:
    • five adjustable shelves (all horizontal shelves can be adjusted)
    • an additional 12 partitions that you can adjust at will (horizontally) enabling you to personalize the interior of your cupboard.
  • hinged doors
  • adjustable legs
  • powder painted in RAL colours

Key boxes, padlocks

Wall cupboards

Wymiary: 355x270x100mm

Lock Boxes

Wymiary: 152x227x89mm