Powder coating

Powder coating is the best surface protection of steel elements while maintaining their high aesthetics and color gamut. That's why for our own needs and for service:

  • we paint the elements of steel constructions, aluminum, and elements of garden constructions,
  • we have one of the largest furnaces in the region with dimensions: 6,10 m x 1,45 m x 2,30 m,
  • we ensure quick service and the possibility of adapting the furnace for unusual services e.g. painting heavy elements,
  • guarantee a competitive price,
  • are able to arrange transport to ad from our company,
  • we have a full palette of colors.

Before painting the surfaces and mechanically and chemically cleaned so as to ensure a good grip and good surface structure.

Types of powder coatings:

  1. Dependent on the type of paint:
    1. P - polyester weatherproof,
    2. H - polyester-epoxy paint for indoor items,
    3. E - Epoxy paint for elements inside buildings with increased chemical resistance).
  2. Dependent on the type of surface: smooth, thick, fine structure, special effects
  3. 3. Dependent on the desired finish gloss level: 80 55 30 10% Gloss: gloss, semi-gloss, semi-matte, matte, deep matte.

Below you can see the possibilities we offer: